in•spired [in-spahyuhrd]

1  animated or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence

2  of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

a•chie•ver [uh-chee-vur]

1  one who reaches a desired objective, level, or result by effort, skill, or courage

2  someone who attains success especially through effort

David has had the proud satisfaction of watching many clients transition from young professionals to comfortable retirees. Some started single, some newly married. Some had children, some didn't. Some held various careers, some divorced, some bought and sold several homes. But regardless of the circumstances, David was there as a sounding board, their guide through tax implications, and their guru through 401(k) choices. 

In your search for a financial advisor, you may find some you can't relate with. And many only want to work with wealthy clients. And even more want to talk in a financial jargon that's hard to understand. While of course you should have an introductory meeting to see if you jive, you'll find that David has had many life experiences similar to your own, and the pride he feels for his retirees makes him passionate about helping those in the early stages- those "on their way." And he will almost give you TOO many examples in the endeavor to help you understand concepts you struggle with. 

Consider yourself an Inspired Achiever?


Schedule a Meeting

First, take that hardest step. Click this link and add an introductory meeting to your calendar. Choose whatever environment suits you- phone, virtual, cafe, office, etc. No obligations! Nothing to lose, and perhaps so much to gain!

Image by Camylla Battani

Have Said Meeting

Next, keep it simple. Meet David and see how the conversation progresses. Some people bring documents like pay stubs and statements, some don't. Some bring their partner (always ideal), and some don't. But ask away, all the questions you'd like!

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Let David Guide You

If you decide you're a good match, David will let you know the next steps. This looks different for every client: more meetings, fewer meetings, crunching numbers, 401(k) selections... All to be determined by your unique scenario.

Inspired Achievers will always want to know how much it costs to be one, as the fees are the main reason this group largely doesn't employ financial advisors. Traditionally, fees charged by advisors are based on assets (account values) under their management- a small percentage of those assets' value. For this niche, though, David has a different approach that is more economical and streamlined for you. Ask him about it at your meeting!