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LPL Financial Advisor

You are unique. The challenges you and your family face are unique.

I don't believe in cookie-cutter financial plans, but rather customized, long-term, and goals-based approaches to prepare you for your best future. This means I don't just manage accounts, but rather full-scale financial planning- my specialty lies in looking at the whole financial health picture and coaching my clients on the path to pursuing their goals. As I strive to always uphold the fiduciary standard set in 1940 (meaning I must always put your interest above mine), I am passionate about taking the mystery out of financial planning and speaking in layman's terms, giving as many examples or drawings as needed to help you understand 401(K)s, tax planning, retirement, college savings- you name it. My nearly two decades in the business, combined with my own experiences through marriage, divorce, fatherhood, aging parents, home ownership, and taxes due, have shaped me to possess great empathy for my clients. If they succeed, I succeed. 

Are you on track for your goals? Let's set up an initial meeting just to get acquainted and find out. You choose the format (phone, Zoom, in-person) and we just chat- no strings, no obligations. 

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